Bach Rescue Pets drops 10ml


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Bach Rescue pets

Rescue pets is the NEW alcohol-free version of this already popular product. Rescue pets contains the same blend of the original Bach Flowers.

Rescue Pets is helpful in the following situations:

Fireworks or thunderstorms
A visit to the vet
Moving or travelling
Competitions, inspections or shows
Extreem blaffen of grommen

User instructions 

Rescue pets is suitable for all animals. From dogs and cats to birds, horses and iguanas, etc. Add 4 drops of Rescue pets to food, water or a snack. If necessary, repeat the process. Rescue pets can also be drizzled on your pet's ears, nose or paws. Choose the method that is most comfortable for your pet.

The dosage does not depend on the type of animal or the weight, the situation is decisive. The dosage can therefore be adjusted to what is best for your animal.

Rescue pets is alcohol-free and has no sedating effect.

Contents: Bach Rescue Pets drops 10ml


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