Duo Dog Starter Pack


Duo Dog Starter Pack

Duo Dog is oil when stored at room temperature. Frozen or in the refrigerator it becomes fat. Duo Dog is an addition to any food and is an absolute pure source of energy of the highest quality, high in calories and low in protein. Duo Dog is easily digested and your dog absorbs it faster. There is simply no better and pure source of animal fat for your dog or cat than rendered horse fat.

Horse fat contains glycerine, vitamins A and D, omega 3, 6 and 9 as well as antibacterial substances. 

Dogs and cats with dry skin, dull coat and extreme hair loss benefit greatly from Duo Dog. It also has a positive effect on animals suffering from frequent itching, scratching and/or dandruff.

Duo Dog is wetenschappelijk onderzocht door de Faculteit Diergeneeskunde te Utrecht.

Nutritional advice Duo Dog: 

- Dogs up to 20 kg 1 to 2 doses per day
-Dogs between 20 and 50 kg 3 to 4 doses per day.
-Dogs over 50 kg 5 to 6 doses per day.

Duo Dog snacks 

Duo Dog Snacks consist of leftover cutter fat that, after melting, is stored in our climate chamber and dried for at least two weeks before being packaged as dog treats.

Contents 1x Duo Dog 1l + 1 x Snacks + 1 x Pompje

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