Duo Leder 1L


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Duo Leather protects and nourishes the leather. Again, the glycerine keeps the leather moist. This prevents the leather from drying out and tearing. Because leather is a natural product, it is good to treat it with a natural fat as well. By using Duo Leather, the leather gets the right nourishment. 

A great advantage is that Duo Leather is absorbed into the leather almost immediately, and the chance of staining is nil. 

Treatment of the leather:

Apply a generous amount of cream to the leather. After approximately 3 minutes, rub it out with a dry cloth. If the leather turns out patchy, it has not been rubbed out well. Rub it out again with a dry cloth. With the correct use of Duo Leder, grease stains in breeches etc. are history.

Duo Leder is also good to use on leather jackets, couches, chairs and other leather products.

Attention: Leather with a layer of varnish may stain.
DuoProtection is not liable for this.

Fur Pets!
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