Duo Hoef 5 Liter


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Extra large packaging for bulk usage

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From experience, we know that most farriers are against greasing the hoof, because it closes off the hoof wall. Duo Hoef does not do that. Because Duo Hoef is 100% animal oil, it penetrates directly into the hoof wall. 

Synthetic substances, greases and vegetable products close off the hoof wall, which makes it look nice on the outside, but makes the hoof dry on the inside, increasing the risk of cracks and crumbling hoofs. Duo Hoof therefore contains no additives.

Horse fat contains glycerine and Vitamin A and D. Glycerine attracts moisture and the effect of Vitamin A and D is to accelerate the growth of the horn and improve the structure of the hoof. It has been proven that Duo Hoef improves, maintains and strengthens the hooves.

In case of bad hoofs, we advise to treat the hoof with Duo Hoef every day for 14 days. Then every other day for 14 days and then twice a week all year round. 

You will be amazed by the improvements. 

Duo Hoef is not only for bad hooves. A good hoof also deserves the necessary care. Therefore we advise everybody who uses Duo Hoef to grease the hoofs of your horse or pony at least twice a week. Rub from the crown rim downwards and lubricate the whole hoof. After 2 to 3 weeks, you will notice results on the hoof. Also apply once a week to combat dry frogs (the underside of the hoof).

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